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Help Perry Beat Cancer. GoFundMe Campaign Status

Cancer Update Sept:
Let’s start this positive, I booked one day on Law and Order SVU. It was amazing to go back to work. I have to say Overall other than the cancer and unemployment things are better than they have been in many years. Sobriety and adversity will make a mofo get his life together apparently.

Last month my cancer team gave me my first opinion on treatment that I remove my prostate within a year. They said it will be hard dealing with the issues of that surgery, but if I wait too long it could possibly turn into a much worse fight. I will be getting my second opinion At Sloan Kettering soon, which I have a feeling will say pretty much the same thing, but I’m sure they will tell me to do it even sooner. Right now it’s wait and see. I’m hoping to hold off on the surgery for as long as possible so I can continue to audition and hopefully do some production work. I want to save more cash being that I I won’t be able to work for a bit after the surgery, but I’m not sure my body will cooperate. So yeah more wait and see but it’s looking like surgery is in the near future.

Thanks again to everyone that’s been supportive through this stuff.

Comedy folks book me more. I’m funny, sober and I have cancer.

I have made it a bit more than halfway to my goal. For those that haven’t shared or donated and want to Goto: