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Cancer Update January 2019:

I had my second prostate biopsy just before Christmas and the results came back showing that my cancer is progressing. Both Maimoides and Sloan Kettering Cancer centers have said that a prostectomy is the only way to go. Although I really like my doctor at Maimonides, the doctor at Sloan Kettering has agreed to do the surgery and his recovery team would be caring for me after so I am going with them. At the moment I am dealing with getting my insurance to cover the out of network doctor. Once that’s done a date for the surgery will be picked.

 According to both surgeons I will be unable to work or work out for 6-8 weeks after the surgery. I am grateful and feel super lucky to have this doctor and recovery team helping me through this. Obviously it will be difficult learning to hold my bladder again and dealing with whatever impact this procedure may have on my loving abilities. I’m also pretty stressed about what I will be able to do about my bills during this recovery time, being that I wont be able to work as a camera man or actor. For this reason I am starting this second wave of donations to make it through this time. Don’t crazy everyone, Yes I acted in a TV show but that shit wasn't network, so I’m not rich or anything close to it. I have made it a bit more than halfway to my goal. I am trying to raise the rest of the money to reach my goal from last year. That would sustain me through the surgery and through the recovery period. Donate if you can. Anything helps.

Thanks again.

pERRY For those that haven’t please share or donate goto:

Thanks again to everyone that’s been supportive through this stuff.

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