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Help Perry Beat Cancer. GoFundMe Campaign Status

Cancer Surgery Update January 2019:

The surgery was done. I’ve been holding off on announcing that I’m cancer free waiting for my PSA number to drop below .05. At one Point it was .07 later that same week .06 and now a month later, it’s at .08. So I’m glad I didn’t start victory dancing like an asshole. This doesnt mean I have cancer, could be a piece of my prostate missed in surgery, so I guess it doesn’t mean I don’t have cancer either. Either way it’s not an emergency but I will being getting another round of MRI and Ct scans. I may have to get radiation depending on what they find. So yeah the journey continues.

You have all been a serious support system though this whole ordeal, and I will ask for your help once more.

Last round I made it a bit more than halfway to my goal, and knowing that my bills will be insanely high after the surgery (there’s always some charges insurance wont cover), every bit of extra donations are extremely helpful. 

I am hoping to reach my goal from last year, which will sustain me through the surgery and through the recovery period. 

Anything you can part with I am really grateful to you all.

Thanks again.

pERRY For those that haven’t please share or donate goto:

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