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Cancer Surgery Update January 2019:

I’m getting a prostatectomy.
I had my second prostate biopsy just before Christmas and the results came back showing that my cancer is progressing, so I will be getting surgery on Feb 20th at Sloan Kettering which is considered one of the best cancer centers in the world.  Also with lots of letter writing we were able to get my insurance to cover the procedure. Yay!

After the surgery I will be unable to work or do any strenuous physical activity for 6-8 weeks. So I won’t be able to shoot or perform (work wise get your mind out of the gutter, actually that stuff wont work but we can talk about that later). Even though this is going to suck I'm super grateful and feel incredibly lucky to have this doctor and recovery team helping me through this. 

The hardest part moving forward will be dealing my finances, during this down time. Yes I was just in a TV show but sadly I was paid well in Armenian Dram, terribly in American Dollars.

You have all been a serious support system though this whole ordeal, and I will ask for your help once more.

Last round I made it a bit more than halfway to my goal, and knowing that my bills will be insanely high after the surgery (there’s always some charges insurance wont cover), every bit of extra donations are extremely helpful. 

I am hoping to reach my goal from last year, which will sustain me through the surgery and through the recovery period. 

Anything you can part with I am really grateful to you all.

Thanks again.

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