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Help Perry Beat Cancer. GoFundMe Campaign.

A month ago I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer.

As I’m rolling up on 1 year of sobriety I’m unemployed as a camera op, under booked as a comedian, and the pressure is mounting. I had skin cancer three years ago and my father died from prostate cancer so I'm definitely freaking out a bit.

Moving forward I am going to stay positive and more importantly sober. I see my oncologist June 5th to discuss treatment options,  make sure it hasn't spread anywhere else,  and find out what this will all cost.

To my comedy people if you have any spots I can do or shows you need taped for cash please hit me up, I want to stay busy until the treatment and the time I will have to stay home to heal.

To my production folks of you have any shoots I could day play on as a shooter, AC, field producer, or Ap I’d love to come help out.

I am asking if people can donate so I can pay whatever these bills will be and be able to pay my living bills while I heal up.

Donations will go towards Food, Rent, Transportation, Treatment, etc.. This will be what's going on for the next year of my life.

I will give updates on what is going on as i find out.

Thank you in advance.